Press Quotes (en)

The musicians’ passionate Interplay can grow from lyrically rapturous moments to true fireworks.
The four rainmakers have chosen their name well – their music is prolific and full of joy, leaving you wanting more. Basellandschaftliche Zeitung (Switzerland)

With his quartet, The Rainmakers, Bernese bassist Bänz Oester and his South African colleagues conveyed a deep intensity to the audience in Willisau. The emotional unit formed by these musical companions, standing shoulder to shoulder on stage, allowed inspiration and energy to flow unreservedly through their bodies.
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland)

As their triumphant performance at the 40th Willisau Jazz Festival proved, Bernese bassist Oester and his Rainmaker quartet have landed a true hit. The Rainmakers break away from preconceived notions and focus solely on a core value of jazz, that in a climate of intellectualisation is threatening to be forgotten: select simple musical pieces and leave the rest to intuition. This sounds easier than it is – for a natural flow of energy and ideas to develop inside a band one needs a limitless amount of mutual trust.
Der Landbote (Switzerland)

Melody meets ecstasy
The Bernese bassist Bänz Oester and the South African musicians perform with intense vigour and musical élan. Using simple melodies, his band, The Rainmakers, play up a storm of emotions.
Tages-Anzeiger (Switzerland)

What the Rainmakers have to offer is certainly breathtaking: their show is brilliant and animated, lithe and powerful, exuberant and coherent in equal measure.
Oscillating between ecstasy and intimacy, the performance of Bernese bassist Bänz Oester’s new quartet inspires from beginning to end. 
Then one takes a deep breath and deduces happily: finally a jazz band that doesn’t put the brakes on its joyous play through pseudo-intellectual formalism but is capable of start-and-lift-off from relatively simple precepts to infectious heady heights before plummeting to profound emotionality.

Der Bund (Switzerland)

From the first note this music draws highly varied grooves, leaving the audience spellbound. Cultural and musical boundaries disintegrate, jazz tradition is respectfully but decisively broken and a new soundscape is slotted together. The whole exudes tremendous energy and a zest for life, inflaming everyone and leaving one powerless to escape its effect. 
Young or old, jazz purist or not, regular concert-goer or random passer-by – this highly expressive quartet’s thrilling, all-embracing music warmed the heart of every listener in the workshop. 

Donaukurier (Germany)

This was not the kind of jazz one hears often. Bänz Oester & the Rainmakers are a natural phenomenon. The first set immediately soars to full, from nought to sixty SOUND in the concert hall. (Germany)

The quartet creates a sparkling sound energy. Intensity and tension are there from the outset. Class! 

Jazz Podium (Germany)

The album is a compelling one; the live shows should be worth catching.

Business Day (South Africa)

It was gleeful. All the musicians smiled the entire way through the show. Jazz is often serious and complicated with too many notes for the average listener. Baenz Oester and The Rainmakers made it a joyful experience. Their skill and professionalism is unquestionable. Their love for music is undisputed. Their celebration and joy of and for music, love and life is exquisite.

The Star (South Africa)

The band clearly has some unbelievable chemistry, showing that it is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Con (South Africa)

Spontaneous cameraderie and a deeply felt musical intention are what unite this group and deliver an immediate, powerful jazz punch. This band is playing “the music of intention”!

Swiss Vibes (Switzerland)