Bänz Oester and his Rainmakers belong to the class of musical magicians who emanate a force and spirituality that physically grips the listener and catapults them into another world.

Badische Zeitung

Pure communication. The new live recording of Bänz Oester‘s quartet, The Rainmakers, transmits a joy of playing and musical ideas.

Jazz Podium

A totally unrestrained band who left many audience members thunderstruck.


Festivalgoers had every reason to be excited. A true discovery!

Jazz Thing

Ukuzinikela celebrates the great feat of common, spontaneous music-making.

CD of the Month in Stereoplay

This cross-cultural, cross-continental band is so unique and proves anew that Africa is the motherland of the universal language of jazz – it’s simultaneously like traveling infinitely far away, and coming home.

CD of the Week, NDR

…the immensely successful band Bänz Oester & The Rainmakers.

Spiegel Online

Impressive – and great jazz.

CD-Tipp BR

The improvisations and the interplay unfold from the embers of a simple melody, repeatedly arousing moments of greater intensity, be it in the expression of pure joy or, on the other side of the scale, of contemplation.


Ukuzinikela is a powerful ode to the energy of improvisation.

Berner Kulturagenda

Basically, you cannot make the world a better place with music, but there are bands whose performances improve the world. The Rainmakers quartet belongs in this category.

Der Bund

Anyone who has seen this brilliant jazz band during a performance knows that they can only reasonably be justified with a live recording.

Emder Zeitung

The way the Rainmakers transform “dr Schacher Seppli”, and the equally well-known pop song, ,,Nach em Räge schinnt Sunne” into the pulsating world of jazz, is delightful.

Fono Forum

Bänz Oester’s quartet radiates an unbelievable joy of performing!

Hamburger Abendblatt

It rarely happens in this genre: after over two hours, Bänz Oester & The Rainmakers were applauded by more than 120 enthusiastic spectators with stomping feet and loud cheers. What happened in the Leeraner Kulturspeicher on Thursday evening can confidently be called a triumph for this still new jazz band.

Emder Zeitung

Not even two minutes had passed, and already associations were awoken for me. I found myself in a kind of spiritual state.

The concert of the four “Rainmakers” in Willisau, on 30 August 2014, left a lasting impression. The cheering audience is audible on the CD. No less euphoric were the media critics: the NZZ praised the «intensity of inspiration and energy», the «Tages-Anzeiger» spoke of a «storm of emotions», the Winterthur «Landbote» referred to a «triumphant appearance». Similarly jubilant are reviews of concerts in Germany and South Africa.